• The Walled Kitchen Garden

    The 18th-century walled kitchen garden or ‘giardino di piante utili’ is an oasis of calm beneath the castle walls.

    Rows of vegetables grow in the garden

    Fresh produce

    Now restored and replanted, it is once more providing the castle’s kitchen with fresh produce. Around a hundred herbs and plants have been reintroduced, while the orchard of lemon, orange, almond, apricot, prune, fig and persimmon trees is being tended and cared for. Arbors have been planted with vines and strung with jasmine to scent the air.

    Fragrant Oregano
    Aromatic sage

    Lemon thyme
    Peppery rocket leaves

    The oldest trees are 2 pomegranates, likely 200 years old, we call them the “Nonni del Giardino”!

    It is now a peaceful haven where guests can wander and relax, cookery students can pick the herbs and vegetables they need for their classes and the restaurant’s chefs can ensure field to plate quality.

    Then vs. Now

    The Walled Garden was the first part of the castle to undergo a complete renovation. It is now a rich year-round garden that provides fresh ingredients for the Puglia Culinary Centre and Il Tempo Nuovo Restaurant

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